Our dialysis centers which are located in the world famous Aegean regions;

Bodrum Dialysis

Kuşadası Dialysis

Milas Dialysis

İzmir Dialysis

7/24 checking the condition of the patient and inspection service


Treatment with Fresenius brand devices …

Choice of doctor at the request of the patient


Dialysis service at home…


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                                                                          Batı Anadolu Diyaliz 




By moving to the new location on the main road in June 2017, Bodrum’s private dialysis center continues to serve our patients in the Bitez district.



Different activities are available because our dialysis centers are located in holiday towns.


These latest technology machinery, assured and good qualities have become in the world today a brand most used for dialysis and hemodialysis. Fresenius dialysis machines are used in 90% of dialysis centers in Turkey.


Although a young company created in 2014, Batıanadolu Hemodialysis Services Corporation has been in the business since 1996 and each of its founding partners has established and operated a large number of hemodialysis centers in different cities in Turkey (18 hemodialysis centers in total), serving thousands of patients. Batıanadolu A.Ş is a very experienced establishment and very young born with this experience and this knowledge.
Batıanadolu Hemodialysis Services Corporation took action by purchasing the Nefro Bolu Hemodialysis Center in 2014, one of the founding partners, founded after the earthquake in the region of Bolu following urgently needed, which was of subsequently transferred to another organization. Respectively in 2015 and 2016; The private hemodialysis center in Söke, the private hemodialysis center in Kuşadası, the private hemodialysis center in Bodrum and the private hemodialysis center in Milas have also been supported and expanded in the service area and continue to offer every day more treatment facilities to patients