What is hemodialysis?

Throughout life, our body produces energy to perform the necessary work. By producing this energy it also produces harmful waste and toxins. These waste products are collected by the circulation and a significant part of them come to the kidneys and from there they are expelled by the urine. Sometimes the kidneys may become unable to perform its mission for many different reasons. For continue to life, “dialysis therapy” is needed and this is where we come into effect.
We do the necessary with “artificial kidney machine” to make life go on. This work that we have done using a complex and advanced technology is called “hemodialysis”.

Nutrition with dialysis

The purpose of dietary therapy in dialysis;
Organizing liquid and electrolyte balance
Reduce uremic symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, itching, red eye, joint pain
To provide the most appropriate nutrition program according to clinical and laboratory findings
The patient is to reduce the burden of the kidney.
At the beginning of the nutrients that dialysis patients should pay attention to most; salt, potassium and phosphorus.


Adding salt to dishes and salads should be discouraged.
Foods containing too much salt, such as olives, pickles, bacon and canned foods, should not be eaten.
If you need to eat completely unsalted, you should buy it on bread without salt.

Banana, kiwi, apricot, melon, date, all dried fruit, fruit juices
Spinach, mushroom, potato, chard, carrot, leek, artichoke
All kuruglagiller, bulgur
Pistachio, lunar kernel, almond, hazelnut, walnut, chestnut
Nescafe, cocoa, chocolate, tahini, molasses and high amounts of nutrients are high in potassium. Consumption quantities of these foods should be considered during the day.

Milk, cheddar cheese, milk desserts
Bulgur, all kurukaklilliller
Hazelnut, pistachio, almond, walnut, lunar kernel, peanut, pumpkin seed
Meat, chicken, fish, offal
Tahin, molasses, chocolate, asure, cocoa
Nutrients such as coffee, cola are foods that contain high amounts of phosphorus. Consumption quantities of these foods should be considered during the day.